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project 3 - Earthquake Pillows

Everyone knows that there was a big earthquake in these parts last March. Everyone also knows that some people stayed here in Iwate, while some people had to go home. (Love you guys!) What everyone doesn't know is that those of us who stayed... well, we made out like bandits!

In cleaning out a couple of my friends' apartments after they left, I had the opportunity to acquire foreign peanut butter, teas, crackers, cough medicine, dish soap, an ironing board, futons, blankets, pillows, tupperware dishes, chopsticks and utensils. The list goes on. Since I only really needed a few of those things, I donated or threw out the rest.

That's the story behind these pillowcases. The pillows were a slightly unusual size(38x60cm) and the pillowcases that were on them had seen a lot of love, so I decided to just make new ones. It was my first venture into the "sale" rack at Maruichi, Morioka's largest fabric shop, and I haven't looked back since!

Japanese pillowcases are usually more fitted than American ones, so I used buttons and a cutout-corner design to reduce bulk. I didn't foresee the buttons popping off randomly while I slept. It happened anyway.

Procedure highlights:
  • bidding farewell to the noble broken machine, and greeting the lovely new price-cut machine. (A Janome 610)
  • tapering the hem at the cutout corners.
  • BUTTONHOLES! (aka-Learning that the buttonhole setting actually has varying stitch thickness levels. Entering a time-warped mindfreak universe where nothing makes sense anymore.)
  • taking pictures of the boyfriend enjoying the pillowcases.

Fabric: 300 yen/meter
(Circa April 2011)


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