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project 2 - Matryoshka Curtains

Living in Japan will do things to you. After a while, you find yourself humming the Totoro theme song as you walk down Main Street. Or spending 30 minutes wrapping a bento lunch that you'll eat in an hour. Or choosing chopsticks instead of a fork to eat your salad with. Or bowing to the invisible person the the other end of the telephone. Or wearing pink socks with any outfit.

Or thinking that it's acceptable to have curtains like these.

Just kidding! I swear, I was not kawaii before I came here, but now I am completely on the bandwagon. I mean, look at those cute little outfits! And their wee little faces! Awwwww.

Procedure highlights:

  • Learning that sewing is not actually cheaper than buying already-made (in China by children) stuff.
  • Learning that I will always underestimate the amount of fabric needed. (Only 3/4 of my windows are covered by these curtains.)
  • Curtains are boring. After that reinventing-the-wheel experience of creating/making a skirt, the whole iron+hem+sew+repeat process was mind-numbing.
  • Pins are your friends.
  • Straight lines are doable.

(Circa April 2011)


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