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Sorbetto Top

I made a shirt!! It's pretty awesome.

It's based off of this pattern from Colette Patterns: 

I actually finished it over a month ago, but waited for a sunny day/my camera to be back from the shop to take pictures. (Camera is still not fixed, btw! Grrr, impotent Japanese sales clerks.)

This was my first time working from a pattern, and it was one of those download-and-print-at-home ones. You have to tape them together one A4 piece of paper at a time, and they are made to test your geometry skills because they never, ever line up correctly.

Speaking of geometry, I also DRAFTED THESE ADORBZ PUFF SLEEVES!!!! I used this tutorial and imbibed a lot of red wine during the process I will hereafter refer to as "math".

But way before all that "math" ever started, this is what I had.

At this point in the evening (the mullet hair point), I had already taken the shirt in the following amounts:
  • Under the arm: 0.5cm (front) and 1.5 cm (back)
  • Bust: 2 cm
  • Waist: 3.25cm
  • Belly-button area: 3cm
And I had added a total of 8 cm to the length. The photo on the left shows this disaster while sparing you my mullet hair.  There was a bunchy area in the small of the back, and the back neckline gaped. It was then that I learned what "swayback" was. (Thank you sewing, for teaching me abnormalities about my body that I didn't even know I had!) . This pattern was meant to be loose-fitting and for a straight (paper bag) fit. (That's why it was in the "beginner" section, I guess!)

The right picture is me trying to pin the back of the shirt while I'm wearing it. It wasn't pretty

So, I
  • took another 3 cm off the back of the waist (tapering to 1 cm at armhole)
  • moved the shoulder seam forward 2cm (front) 0.5cm (back)
  • and made a lovely (kindof awkward) horizontal dart in the back.

The sleeves' diameters were 22 cm after I added ruffles, and they fit perfectly. I used my machine's #11 stitch, possibly called "triple stitch blind" for the seams, but they're already fraying, so that was a bad choice. Too bad my manual is in Japanese!

I love this shirt so much, I made a skirt to go with it. (Because it matches nothing I own.) We'll save that excitement for another post! (Spoiler: there are ZIPPERS!)

Neither me nor my messy balcony had seen direct sunlight in a while. Mmmmmmm, Spring.


Jessica said...

I think that is quite possibly the sweetest shirt I've ever seen that wasn't meant for a toddler.

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