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Thrift-Store Kimonos

This weekend was a big event in the world of used kimono shoppers. Fuji Bank, some kind of welfare fund, had a huge thrift sale on the seventh floor of Kawatoku, Morioka's high-end department store. They sold everything from used pots and pans, dishes, clothes, and books, but the real treasures were in the section labeled "きもの”...

This one is going to be bags!

I'm thinking a strapless summer dress.

<< This is actually an obi, or thick kimono wraparound belt. It's got huge tears and rub-marks from years of wear, but just look at that Audrey Hepburn embossed print! Handbag fo'sho'.

Work blouse! It's super soft... mmm....

dress dress dress

High-waisted skirt, via Ginger from Colette

This is already a kimono over-blouse, so maybe I could just take it in for a tunic thing...

And the best part... each of these were only 100 yen. That's about $1.00! Yesss.

***After I posted this, I found this sweet girl's blog post about taking apart a beautiful kimono. Mine have all been worn in and stained, but the sentiment rings true: http://truestitches.blogspot.com/2010/05/how-can-kimono-break-ones-heart.html

*** And this one about making a dress from a kimono.


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